“The Miracle of Maverick”

When I started working at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals twenty-three years ago I had no idea how much this job would shape my life, and most importantly, make me “Believe in Miracles”.  Year after year, I continue to witness miracles through the 10 million children we treat at 170 children’s hospitals across North America.  They kids are TRUE miracles!   They walk when doctors said they wouldn’t!   The see when doctors said sight would never be possible!   They live when doctors said they would die.  Some are in wheelchairs, some are in constant pain, some have a physical deformity or rare disease yet they chose to show up for life every day. They have BIG challenges but they chose to be brave, they chose to be positive and they chose to radiate light and love.  They are angels walking on earth, leaving imprints on my heart, teaching me how to truly live.

I’m so excited for you to read “The Miracle of Maverick” and be inspired by Maverick Schutte’s story.  His live, his struggle, his triumph, his tears, his joy are meant to help us,  encourage us,  teach us, humble us and make us “Believe in Miracles”. When you finish reading my hope is that you feel like you know Maverick.  I want his story to impact the way the way you choose your life every day!  How will you treat others?   How will you face your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain?  How will you show up for life? Maverick makes the make the most of EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Shouldn’t we do that to?  Can’t we learn so much from him?  If he can live life without complaining, can’t we embrace our challenges in the same manner?

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